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Our Media/Results from Colonie Relay Carnival  

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Colonie Relay Carnival
May 3rd
1 Raider Blvd, Albany, New York, 12205, United States
The 49th Annual Colonie Relay Carnival will be held Saturday, May 3, 2014.
The meet is co-sponsored by Colonie High School, the Colonie
Track & Field Booster Club and Fleet Feet Sports.	

This Year’s morning meet will include 3 girl’s relays and 3 boy’s 
relays for freshman and JV athletes.  

Entries in the morning meet are unlimited.  We will give ribbons as 
awards to the top 12 teams in each race.  

**Exhibition steeplechase races will again be included in the morning schedule**.  
Entries will be limited.  There will only be one section of each.  
Please contact Tom Greene if you are interested. 
This year’s afternoon meet will include 17 girls’ Varsity events and 17 boys’ Varsity 
events with separate team scoring for boys and girls.  

Each school is allowed only one entry per relay in the afternoon meet.  

We will score and give awards to the top eight finishers in each event except the 
Invitational 100m dashes (six entries only).  

The entry fee remains the same as last year.  

There is a blanket cost of $170.00 for schools bringing both boys and girls teams, 
or $95 for a school bringing either team.  

You may enter an athlete in both the morning meet and afternoon
meet since the morning meet is non-scoring.  

No athlete may be entered in more than 4 events for the day.

    A meet information sheets and the order of events are enclosed.  
We are looking forward to your team’s participation on May 3, 2014.  

Please let us know ASAP if you are planning to attend.

Please mail your check or claim to: 
Colonie Track & Field Booster Club 
Colonie High School
1 Raider Blvd.
Albany, NY 12205
No later than Friday, April 11.  

Please make the check payable to:
Colonie Track & Field Booster Club.

     Please note we will have a concession stand open all day and Colonie Relay Dri-fit t-shirts provided by Fleet Feet Sports will be on sale.


(1)  Spikes no longer than 1/4” may be used.

(2)  All running relays, except the Shuttle Hurdle Relay, are
     comprised of 4 runners (SHR-3 runners).  
     All field events are comprised of 3 participants.

(3)  The card system of entries will be used (4” x 6” cards only).  
     Coaches may list up to 2 alternates on an entry card, and only
     those entries may be used.
     The following information must be listed:

     Name: 1_________________ Event _____________________
           2_________________ School ____________________
           3_________________ Entry Time ________________

(4)  Bathrooms will be available at the track and in the high school.  
     Refreshments will be served in the concession stand.  
     Colonie Relay Dri-Fit T-shirts(donated by Fleet Feet Sports)
     will be available.

(5)  The track infield can be used for athlete warm-up.  Please do not 
     congregate or set up tents on the infield. 

(6)  Invitational Events:

     A.  All entries for the Invitational 100 meter dash, Invitational 
         1500M/1600M, and the invitational 2000M/3000M steeplechase 
         will be accepted the day of the meet.  List only one athlete 
         per entry card.

     B.  The deadline for turning in cards for the Invitational Events 
         will be 1:00pm.  There is a 3 athlete limit per invitational 
         event per team.

     C.  The number of entrants accepted in the 1500M/1600M meter run 
         and 2000m/3000m steeplechase will be at the discretion of the 
         meet director.
         6 entrants will be accepted in the 100M dash.  If a tie 
         exists for seed #6, the entrant will be decided by a draw.  
         Only qualifying times from this year’s indoor and outdoor 
         seasons will be allowed.

     D.  Once the field has been announced, any scratches from an 
         Invitational Event will result in the athlete being scratched 
         from the meet.

(7)  Field Events & Running Events:

A. The deadline is 11:30 for entry cards in field events and 
1:45 for non-invitational running events.

     B.  As in past years, an effort will be made to allow people 
         taking SAT’s to participate provided if it is designated on  
         the entry card that the athlete is taking an exam.  Once the 
         official starts scoring the event, however, no late arriving  
         athlete will be allowed to jump or throw. Throwers will be 
         scheduled into later flights if taking SAT’s.

C.  Practice jumps/throws will be allowed for late SAT arrivals.   
Once the event is concluded, however, nobody will be allowed to jump or throw.  
         Once a crossbar is raised, it cannot be lowered for a late  
         SAT entrant.

     D.  The long jump and triple jump will use an open pit format.  
         The boy’s will jump west to east during odd years and the 
         girls will jump west to east during even years.  The long 
         jump will begin at 12:00 and last until 2:30 with 3 jumps per 
         The warm-ups will be 30 minutes for the triple jump and will 
         begin at 3:00 at the latest.  If the long jump ends early, 
         the triple jump will start early.

     E.  The pole vault will be conducted as a combined girls/boys 
         event with the bar starting at 5’6”.  The bar is raised 
         continuously by 6”.

     F.  The high jump will be conducted as a combined girls/boys 
         event with the bar starting at 3’9”.  The bar is raised 
         by 3” increments until 6 girls/boys are left; then being 
         raised by 2” increments.

(8)  Awards:

     A.  Running Events (Except Invitational Events):
         First through eighth place medals 

     B.  Field Events 
         First through eighth place medals
         Best throw/jump – 5” x 7” plaque

     C.  Invitational Events:
         First – 6” x 8” plaque
         Second – Sixth – medals (100M); 
         Second – Eighth (1500M/1600M, Steeple)

     D.  Tie breaker for awards
         Running Event – coin flip
         Field Event –
1. Team place – Best throw/top competitor; if still tied,
Best throw/jump of second competitor
2. Individual best throw/jump – Follow National Federation 

          ORDER OF EVENTS                                                         

JV Events: Start-8:30 –FAST SECTIONS FIRST               
        *THE MORNING MEET HAS UNLIMITED ENTRIES*                    
Distance Medley    - Girls     
Distance Medley    - Boys                                                    
4 x 200MR          - Girls                         
4 x 200MR          - Boys                     
Sprint Medley      - Girls
Sprint Medley      - Boys
**Newly Added Events in 2013** 
Exhibition 1500m Steeplechase – Girls (Entry limits TBA)
Exhibition 2000m Steeplechase – Boys (Entry limits TBA)
  **Please contact Tom Greene if interested** Tgreene411@yahoo.com

      Varsity Field Events:
11:45 - Pole Vault (Continuous Bar)-Start at 5’6’ and goes up 6” 
12:00 - Shot Put (Girls)
12:00 - Discus (Boys)
12:00 - Long Jump (Girls & Boys; 2 pits)
          Open Pit from 12:00-2:30 (3 jumps)
          Boys West to East; Girls East to West
      - Discus (Girls)                                
      - Shot Put (Boys)
      - Triple Jump (Girls & Boys; 2 pits)
          Open Pit for 2 1/2 hours after warm-up (3 jumps)
 1:00 - High Jump (Continuous Bar)-Start at 3’9” and goes up 3” 
   Varsity Track Events:
2:00 - 3 x 100M Hurdles      - Girls
2:10 – 3 x 110M Hurdles      - Boys
2:20 - 2000M Steeplechase    - Girls
2:35 - 3000M Steeplechase    - Boys    
2:50 – 4 x 800M Relay        - Girls
3:00 – 4 x 800M Relay        - Boys
3:10 – Inv. 100M Dash        - Girls
3:15 – Inv. 100M Dash        - Boys
3:20 – Inv. 1500M Run        - Girls
3:30 – Inv. 1600M Run        - Boys
3:40 – 4 X 200MR             - Girls
3:50 – Distance Medley       - Girls
4:10 – 4 X 200MR             - Boys
4:20 – Distance Medley       - Boys
4:40 – SMR (200,200,400,800) - Girls
4:50 – 4 x 1500MR            - Girls
5:15 – 4 x 100MR             - Girls
5:25 – SMR (200,200,400,800) - Boys
5:35 – 4 x 1600MR            - Boys
5:55 – 4 x 100MR             - Boys 
6:05 – 4 x 400MR             - Girls
6:15 – 4 x 400MR             - Boys             

*It is possible that the meet might run ahead of schedule*.  
*It is possible it might run behind schedule*.                                                            

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